Children and families

Your child’s general development.

If you’re worried about your child’s general development or well-being, including their health, educational or social care needs, and you think they need additional support, speak to their healthcare professional, teacher or nursery worker first. Ask for advice on what to do next, such as getting an assessment of your child’s needs, encouraging them to join a young carers’ group if they have taken on caring responsibilities or going to bereavement counselling if someone close to them has recently died.

If you or your child needs more significant support, contact the children’s services team in your local council for a needs assessment. “Children’s services” is the new term that has replaced “social services”. These services support and protect vulnerable children, young people, their families and young carers.

The needs assessment will determine if you need more specialised support. Children’s services must work with you when making any decisions about your child, including what help they will provide to meet your child’s needs. Therefore, you should discuss with them the types of help that would best meet the needs of your family. Then you can contact us to help you through the kind of support you need for your children.



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