Elderly support


Quite often the elderly person may still be relatively active but unable to manage alone and therefore want full time care whilst still maintaining their quality of life. Others may have more intensive care needs but understandably wish to remain in the comfort of their own home.

The benefits of full-time home care for the elderly are enormous: being able to stay in your own home, with all your own belongings and comforts around you; being able to eat what you like at the mealtimes of your choice; entertaining family and friends; one-to-one care; and a much greater choice over how one lives one’s life and spends one’s days.

The Management of Ebenezer (Stone of Help) Ltd are dedicated to providing the best possible elderly care at home service. The quality of our home care for the elderly is of paramount importance to us, giving the care and support required, whilst encouraging independence and the enjoyment of normal activities.

A variety of elderly care at home needs can be catered for, from ‘companion care’ through to more intensive care, such as for those with dementia or Parkinson’s, or those who are terminally ill.

The cost of live-in home care for the elderly compares well with residential and nursing home care. This is particularly true where there is a couple where one or both are in need of care.



Client: Ebenezer Ltd – Live in care March 23, 2016
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