Physical disability

We believe that having specialist care needs should not prevent you from taking full advantage of everything life has to offer. Our care workers provide at home assistance which enables people with physical disabilities to live independent and active lives.

We provide practical daily support which allows our service users to access as many opportunities as possible. We help people with everything from personal care, through to meal preparation, maintaining a clean and tidy home, through to assistance with managing their finances and correspondence. In addition we help our physically disabled services users to lead an active social life, assisting with travel to and participation in their preferred activities.

Our support plans are built to accommodate not just the assessed needs of the service user, but also their preferences and aspirations. By identifying each individual’s goals, we can build a care plan which focuses on achieving the specific outcomes a service user needs to live their desired lifestyle. This person-centred approach gives our service users more choice and control over when and how they access the support they need.

When assigning care workers, we believe that in addition to possessing the requisite skills training, a good care worker will be a real companion. To that end we take the time to learn about the needs, interests and preferences of each of our service users. For adults, this means we seek to forge friendships which will help our service users to pursue their interests and play an active role in their communities. With children, we aim to build relationships based on trust which enable our younger service users to live as fun filled and active a childhood as they are able.



Client: Ebenezer Ltd – Healthcare agency Date: December 23, 2014
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